Top Ten Reasons to Join

  1. Integrity and Respect – Be part of an organization with positive ideals, one continually evolving and that takes action on behalf of agencies that serve people with mr/dd and their families.

  2. Networking, Support and Connections – Be part of a responsive, friendly network to professionally support your work and your agencies work. Contribute yourself. You are not alone.

  3. Information – Obtain resources and technical assistance to stay current (and even ahead) through newsletters, email, fax, website and meetings, regionally and statewide.

  4.  Ideas – Bring national, state, local and cutting edge solutions and share among agencies. Participate in research helpful to our members. Help tackle the everyday challenges.

  5. Advocacy – Legislative & policy activities that encourage and support people with disabilities in their quest for community and full inclusion. NYSACRA is synonymous with community.

  6.  Education, Training and Conferences – The best speakers, the greatest skill building and The Annual Conference of the Year. Knowledge is power.

  7. Impact and Voice – Build bridges to government and legislators. Help you develop a quality workforce with tools, resources and special projects. Advance your voice. Help design the future for people with developmental disabilities.

  8. Fun and Camaraderie – Humor, relaxation and shared experience at all events. Usually food too.

  9. Opportunities and Partnerships – Business connections and product options for agencies are readily available. Obtain grants and develop innovative partnerships.

  10. Involvement – Be part of "a shared experience" through NYSACRA. Face the challenges with others. We are community. You are NYSACRA