About Us

Who We Are…

NYSACRA is a grassroots organization comprised of more than 200 provider agencies serving people with developmental disabilities and their families. As the largest association of this kind in New York State, our membership is our strength. Our members have been carrying out
NYSACRA’s mission for more than 30 years.

Vision: NYSACRA is a catalyst and leading advocate for people who have
developmental disabilities and organizations that support them.

NYSACRA represents the collective voice of its members in
promoting the full participation of persons with developmental disabilities in
our communities of New York State.

As part of the execution of NYSACRA’s mission we work to:

  • influence public policy, public understanding, and community action dedicated to quality services designed to realize inclusion and meet individual need

  • act as a resource to provide services, advocacy, information, technical assistance, education, collaboration, and networking experiences to our members

  • promote choice, quality supports and services in the community, in partnership with people with developmental disabilities, their families, those who provide their supports, and others involved in their lives.

Activities sponsored by NYSACRA include:

  • an annual Legislative Day to educate elected officials on related legislation and the impact the proposed New York State budget has on people with developmental disabilities;

  • a celebrated annual conference in April, for learning, sharing, and renewing;

  • six regional conferences that honor the work, dedication and spirit of our Direct Support Professionals;

  • continuing education programs via audio conferences, teleconferences and regional on-site programs to enhance subjects from the Spring conference, to introduce new topics and to strengthen the skills of our workforce;

  • special focus forums on critical issues in the field of direct support;

  • an annual Leadership Conference in the late fall of each year;

  • committee work on critical topics like policy analysis, quality, workforce, technology, and legislative affairs;

  • a multitude of workforce development initiatives that earned NYSACRA the 2007 National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals Moving Mountains Best Practice Award;

  • regional meetings to update members about the latest issues, offer networking opportunities, and discuss effective methods for dealing with the concerns facing provider agencies.;

  • and regular committee meetings that address the important issues of the day in policy, quality, clinical, individualized supports, etc.